Landscaping Equipment

Breeze Landscaping prides itself on the equipment we use. All of our equipment is of the highest quality available to landscapers

We use:

Walker Mowers
  1. Walker GHS ride on lawn mowers with 48 inch decks these machines are light enough to maintain the most sensitive of any of your lawn areas. These mowers bag all of your lawn clippings and leave your lawns with that clean golf course look.

  2. Toro Groundsmaster 4000D with its 11 foot wide mowing decks this four wheel drive golf course mower can cover a lot of territory leaving no lawn un mowed.

  3. Ventrac 4500 articulating mower, 8 wheel drive with contour, striping deck. The best mower for hills, uneven terrain and for leaving your grass with the same type of stripes you see on a golf course.

  4. Hustler X-One zero turn mower with a 54" rear discharge deck

  5. Honda commercial push mowers

  6. Stihl Hedge trimmers

  7. Stihl weedeaters and blowers

All of our equipment is maintained to near new condition or it is replaced. We owe it to our customers to get the job done. There are no excuses here.

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