About Breeze Landscaping

Breeze Landscaping is a family owned company which was founded in 1984 by Rex and Laura Breeze. Their children were involved in the business from the outset and for over 25 years they have cultivated the business into a successful and stable enterprise. While the company is now owned and managed by sons Fred and Dennis; Laura and Rex still work on a part-time basis and continue to enjoy landscaping.

The business has come a long way over the years. The operation was initially started as “The Breeze family“ working as one large crew sharing one push mower and one weedeater. Now they run a number of crews (each reporting to a family member) whose responsibilities include maintaining over 400 acres of commercial, industrial and condominium projects in Calgary and surrounding areas; as well as designing, planting and managing the gardens on these properties.

In 1990 an American company, Walker Manufacturing Company, approached the family at Breeze Landscaping to see if they would like to demo their machines. They did, and became the “first in Western Canada to own a Walker”, as profiled in Walker Manufacturing Company’s international publication Walker Talk issue 12 from 1996.
They continue to use Walker Mowers and a variety of other equipment which is maintained in “near new” condition, or it is replaced. The family says “we owe it to our customers to get the job done right, with the right equipment. There are no excuses here.”

Their goal is not to be the largest landscaping company around, but to provide the best service to clients.

They pride themselves on quality work whilst remaining as cost effective as possible. Please contact Breeze Landscaping to discuss your requirements.

Caring for the environment

We strive to be environmentally friendly. We use mulching decks on our properties and wherever possible we collect our lawn clippings and recycle them for compost used for fertilizer and screened loam.

We only use herbicides as a last resort and only by the best qualified applicators.

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